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Mon Apr 27th
 GI Brd Mtg
Welcome to the Grand Isle School Home Page!

Grand Isle School is a welcoming community where every family and staff member is invested in our students. We recognize and celebrate the whole child. We provide an equal opportunity and the right supports so all students and adults are successful. We practice positive and collaborative teaming and teaching throughout the school.

SBAC Testing • Monday, March 23rd

On Tuesday, schools across Vermont began administering the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which is the new state test and which replaces the NECAPs. At Grand Isle School, students in grades 4 & 8 will be tested the week of April 6th, grades 5 & 6 the week of April 13th, and grades 3 & 7 the week of May 4th.

As your child takes these tests, I ask you to do her or him a few favors:

First of all, keep these tests in perspective: they are just another tool to measure learning that our teachers can use to plan improvements to their teaching through a better understanding of your child’s progress to date. Our children will take tests for all kinds of purposes in life: to get a driver’s license, to be eligible to hunt, to enter a profession. Tests will likely be a part of their lives. We don’t do them any favors when we get our children stressed about tests.

Second, help us all keep focused on the purpose of education. We want our students to be engaged in school and excited to try out their learning in new contexts. We hope our students understand that good work takes a lot of effort.

And most of all, let’s not forget that our school is a community that helps raise our children to be good, thoughtful and considerate citizens. We count on our school to help our children discover what they want to do with their lives, and what role they want to play in their communities. The relationships our children build with their teachers may shape the course of their lives, as this loving tribute on the radio from one Vermonter to his shop teacher makes clear.

I know that in many states, and particularly those that chose to evaluate their teachers based on student test scores, schools and parents are protesting tests because of the way sanctions on teachers and schools are eroding their programs. Here in Vermont, we don’t like labels, but since all schools that receive federal funds have to wear them now, we see them for what they are and we are encouraging our school to move on and focus on more meaningful goals. Let’s support our school as we work on what really matters: teaching well and broadly so that all our children are able to build a strong civic, cultural and economic future for our state.

To learn more, please link below:Wildcat Wisdom Article 2/13/15 and the table that compares SBAC to NECAP.

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How will the SBAC compare to NECAP?
Wildcat Wisdom 2/13/15

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