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Frank Woitera

Grand Isle School is a welcoming community where every family and staff member is invested in our students. We recognize and celebrate the whole child. We provide an equal opportunity and the right supports so all students and adults are successful. We practice positive and collaborative teaming and teaching throughout the school.

The Three E's • Monday, October 3rd

Several classes had the opportunity to have Frank Woitera visit their classrooms again last Friday. Frank lives and works in Uganda. He showed us a video and slideshow, answered many questions students had about his country and culture, and even taught us how to say a few words in his native language.

Frank works with the 52 Kids Foundation. This is a foundation started by a Vermonter that helps support 52 children going to school in Uganda. The foundation also helps the community, building wells that provide safe drinking water, for example. The work is done around Kumuli, Uganda and focuses on the three E's that have been proven to make dramatic, enduring changes in people’s lives: Education, Empowerment, and Employment.

The second grade will have the opportunity to blog and skype with students at this Ugandan school throughout the year as we participate in a cultural exchange and "buddy up" with the seventh graders who will be doing the same. It is a great way to connect with others and to learn about Africa and African culture, which is one of our social studies units. Last year students at Grand Isle raised $500 to donate to the organization through a "Leading by Reading" sponsorship which will continue this year. Well done GIS students, families, and community sponsors!

Thanks to our own Butler family for initially connecting us with Frank and to the other teachers and classes who are involved. Most importantly, thanks to Frank and his students for spending time with us in person and online.

Mandy Alarcon & Annie Brabazon

Posted by on 2016-10-03

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