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Welcome to the Grand Isle School Home Page!

2014-2015 GISU Calendar
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Grand Isle School is a welcoming community where every family and staff member is invested in our students. We recognize and celebrate the whole child. We provide an equal opportunity and the right supports so all students and adults are successful. We practice positive and collaborative teaming and teaching throughout the school.

PBiS • Wednesday, September 17th

Positive Behavior interventions and Supports (PBiS)

PBiS is a framework that focuses on the proactive nature of behavior. In short, PBiS is a systems approach that teaches expected behaviors and uses data to drive our practices toward providing supports to identified areas of need. At Grand Isle School the purpose of our PBiS work is to promote an Honest, Safe, and Kind learning community for all students and staff at Grand Isle School.

Last Friday all students in grades K-8 assembled together in the gymnasium for our school-wide PBiS kick-off geared toward teaching assembly behavior, publicly recognizing students for their Honest, Safe, and Kind behavior, and most importantly having fun! Since the beginning of the school year our students have been learning and relearning what it looks like and sounds like to be Honest, Safe, and Kind in all locations of our school. This teaching and learning is guided by the behavior matrix created to further define these behaviors in all settings.

The Vermont Family Network (VFN) and Vermont Department of Education published a brochure to help parents/guardians better understand PBiS. The following excerpts from the brochure highlight the benefits of PBiS in our school.

How does PBiS improve school climate? According to the National Center on Positive Behavior interventions and Supports, schools nationwide that effectively adopt a PBiS system are more likely to have environments that: engage more students in learning, prevent major behavior problems, are safer and inclusive, respond to student behavior effectively and positively, improve interventions for students with more significant mental health and behavior problems, enhance achievement for all students. Research shows that PBiS reduces suspensions, expulsions, and dropout rates. A school-wide approach to setting behavior expectations and recognizing appropriate student behavior helps all students make appropriate choices.

Families play an important role in the PBiS process by giving input and participating in the development and implementation of the school-wide or Universal level practices. For students needing additional support at the Targeted or Intensive levels of PBiS, families provide information to the team about their son or daughter, help develop education and behavior plans, and work with the school to create consistency for the student. PBiS schools that effectively engage families create a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

What can I do to get involved in PBiS? Parent involvement is a key factor in the success of PBiS for their child and our school. Research tells us that parent involvement helps to improve student learning and schools in general. There are several ways for you to participate in PBiS. Here are some suggestions that will help to enrich the PBiS system in our school: ask to participate on our school’s PBiS Leadership team, help our school design parent involvement activities in PBiS, work with our school to engage community support and additional resources for PBiS.

The team will be reporting to you monthly in the WILDCAT WISDOM. Please feel free to contact Michael Brown (, PBiS coordinator with any comments or questions.

Thank you,
Eric Arnzen

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