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Welcome to the Grand Isle School Home Page!

UVM Outstanding Teacher Award

Grand Isle School is a welcoming community where every family and staff member is invested in our students. We recognize and celebrate the whole child. We provide an equal opportunity and the right supports so all students and adults are successful. We practice positive and collaborative teaming and teaching throughout the school.

Response Plan • Friday, November 21st

Building Awareness and Accountability

Earlier this fall, grade 6-8 students gathered together for a presentation about bullying, harassment, and school-wide expectations. This presentation was guided by the following learning intentions:
1) Students will know the difference between bullying behavior and harassing behavior
2) Students will know their individual responsibilities around responding to bullying and/or mean behavior
3) Students will know how to solve problems with their peers
4) Students will review school rules and consequences for breaking rules.

Grand Isle School has designed a behavior management flowchart to direct our response to misbehavior. The flowchart includes a process for students to take responsibility and be accountable for their behavior choices through the completion of a success plan for minor behaviors. Teachers work with students to identify: their behavior choice, the school/class expectation, the motivation behind their behavior (to obtain or avoid peer/adult attention, tasks, and/or activities), what they will do to meet their needs without breaking rules, how they will make things right, and future consequences if the behavior continues. The true processing point is rooted in helping students examine alternative choices to help them meet their needs and at the same time meet school/class expectations.

After two in-class success plans have been completed for minor behaviors, a third occurrence will result in a major behavior referral. At this point the student will meet with Mr. Brown, our PBiS coordinator, to further process and make a plan around their behavior, and notify their parent/guardian. An occurrence of any behavior within 30 school days of the major referral will result in a school team meeting with the student, parent/guardian and teachers. Any 1 occurrence of a major behavior will result in a referral. Behaviors of bullying, harassment, and physical aggression will result in a school suspension. The behavior management flow chart is included in this week’s Wildcat Wisdom. Please look over the information and feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Grand Isle School has also created an online safety form that allows students to anonymously report bullying and/or harassing behavior. When a form is completed and submitted, school personnel receive an electronic notification and will begin investigating the problem. A link to the online safety form can be found on our school’s webpage under links and files. Also posted on our webpage is the aforementioned grade 6-8 presentation on bullying and harassment.

Effective discipline occurs in a positive and supportive environment. By balancing measures of accountability to decrease undesired behaviors and positive reinforcement to promote desired behaviors, we will support our students toward achieving success. The behaviors they practice today will shape who they become tomorrow.

Thank you,
Eric Arnzen
Principal at Grand Isle School

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