GISU • Board Meeting
ILM Brd Mtg     Wed Jul 30th

Special Isle la Motte Board meeting at 7:00 pm to address tax rate increase.
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Alburgh School Board • Board Meeting
ALB Brd Mtg     Tue Jul 29th

Alburgh Board meeting @ 5:00 p.m.
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GISU Local Standards Board for Professional Educators

GISU's LSB is operating under a newly revised Plan of Operations, approved by the district and the Vermont Department of Education in June 2006. Included below are some of the most relevant changes to the LSB process incorporated in the newly approved plan. Please see your LSB representative for details and explanations. A complete copy of the plan is available below.
Your LSB representative is available to assist you in developing your IPDP/IPLP or seeking approval for the professional development necessary to meet the goals of your IPDP/IPLP. Please see your building representative regarding these and other licensure questions you may have.
Your building representatives for the coming year are: 

Alburgh Heather McLeod
Grand Isle Barbara Carter
Isle La Motte Jeri Frank
North Hero Sandra Moulton
South Hero Terry Robinson
Administrator Jenny Perry

Meeting Dates

Monday, October 7th
Tuesday, November 5th 
Wednesday, December 11th
Thursday, January 16th Monday,
February 10th Tuesday,
March 11th Wednesday,
April 16th
Monday, May 12th
Thursday, June 5th

In order to serve you better we ask that you adhere to the following timelines:

  • Materials must be submitted to the LSB representative at least two weeks prior to a board meeting in order for action to be taken on those materials at the next scheduled meeting. Meeting dates are listed above.
  • Re-licensure materials (IPDPs and portfolios) must be submitted to the LSB for consideration by the April meeting in order to receive action by June 30. IPDPs not approved by June 30 will expire, resulting in a loss of licensure.
  • Board requests for revisions to submitted materials will be communicated in writing to the educator indicating reasons for the requested revision. Materials must be re-submitted within 60 days of written notification or by the next meeting.
  • Documentation of professional development activities for which re-licensure credit is sought are requested to  be submitted to the LSB within one year of completion of the specific activity.
  • Licensed educators new to the district shall submit documentation of their professional development activities within six months of employment.
  • It is the responsibility of the educator who has an approved IPDP from one LSB to transfer his or her IPDP to the new LSB within six months of employment.

June and July Files & Links

2013 - 2014 School Year Files & Links
IPDP Cover Sheet
LSB Plan of Operations
Portfolio Checklist
Pro Dev Activity Approval Flowchart
Pro. Dev. Activity Checklist
Professional Development Activity Approval Form
VT Educator Licensing
VT Web Endorsements Page

Calendar Items



GISU IPDP Template - Open and save this template to your computer.
Use Word to create your IPDP and paste your work into the template.

Here is a Sample IPDP on the State Of Vermont's Website

Licensing Regulations and Endorsements Links:

Licensing Regulations:
State Of Vermont Web Regulatins Page
Vermont Dept Of Education PDF file

State Of Vermont Web Endorsements Page

Five Standards for Vermont Educators: A Vision for Schooling
PDF File

Professional Development:

Department of Education

Vermont Institutes:

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