The Grand Isle Supervisory Union schools specialize in educating grades K-6/K-8, while students in grades 9-12 have the choice of attending High Schools in neighboring counties. We encourage families and students to research which school is the best option for them. 

In order for the Grand Isle Supervisory Union to process the student's school choice, residency must be verified and GISU will issue the family a tuition voucher.

  • ​In order to process a voucher once choice has been made, families must fill out and return the residency verification forms. There are two forms that need to be completed. The first is a form to record the important demographic information related to your child.  Please complete the first three sections of the demographic form (The fourth section is only for students who are enrolling for the first time). The second form is a residency verification form.  This form outlines what it means to have residency in a town.  After you review and complete the Residency Verification Form please make a copy of the two required documents and send them with the forms back to The Grand Isle Supervisory Union, c/o Dave Mills, P.O. Box 54 Grand Isle, Vermont 05458.  If you prefer not to make copies of the documents please stop by the GISU office and share them directly with Dave.

  • Please choose your town of residence from the list below to retrieve the necessary forms:

  • Once residency is verified, a tuition voucher must be submitted to the GISU office on an annual basis to confirm student information. Vouchers will be mailed, but may also be found by clicking here.

​If you have questions about your residency or this process please contact Dave Mills at dmills@gisu.org or (802) 372-6921 extension 2008 or Superintendent Michael Clark. ​